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Stefan Banz
How Many Nights I Prayed For This

Glass, gymnastic apparatus
300 x 150 x 150 cm
Collection Kunsthaus Zürich

“Stefan Banz’s glass structure containing gymnastic apparatuses—rings, trapeze, climbing pole, ladder—was placed in a gallery hung with paintings by Georg Baselitz. Through the glass, one saw an array of colorful upside-down figures. One could not help but fuse the upended figures with the gymnasium, and read them as children, as colorful as birds, hanging by their knees from the gym equipment, […] providing that young Swiss art can elicit fresh meanings as much from Non-Swiss art as from the Swiss art of an earlier time.” Arthur C. Danto, in „An Unrestricted View of the Mediterranean,” Artforum International, October 1998, pp. 118–19, p. 119.

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