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Caroline Bachmann | Stefan Banz
Helter Skelter – Painting With The Beatles

1 cover painting (100 x 120 cm),
33 paintings (52 x 63 / 63 x 52 each)
+ 4 large format bonus paintings (see indications)
Oil on cotton, each
Private collections, and courtesy the artists

The paintings shown here were made using materials from personal ­photo archives and the internet as well as from movies, books, magazines and other print media. The adoption in painting of subjects from politics, society and culture, both well-known and unfamiliar images, to merge them with each other and shift them to odd perspectives, resulted in “cover versions” that move away from the original both visually and in content, deriving their ­significance from an altered reflection context. The Beatles were the ­inspiration for this form of appropriation. With the exception of four large bonus paintings (see format details at each illustration) and the cover paint­ing which measures 100 x 120 cm, all works are in the format 63 x 52 cm or 52 x 63 cm (upright).

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